Thousands of happy renters

Rates from $15/day (Including all taxes and fees)

Welcome to the cheaper, easier and better way to rent a car. Each rental is insured up to $1 million. Renters get:


All cars meet specific mileage/age requirements and are cleaned & tested.

Free Insurance

Liability coverage is included free of charge with every rental. See our insurance overview.

Lowest Price Guarantee

We'll beat any competitor's price. We also include GPSs and Car Seats free of charge with every rental.

Complimentary Valet

We'll pay for a black car to pick you up and drop you off at the airport or any location ten minutes from our lot.

How Renting With FlightCar Works

1. Reserve Your Car

Enter your trip information in the search box above. Choose the vehicle type you like and book your rental. All cars meet age/mileage requirements and are cleaned and tested. Joining FlightCar is free. See FAQ.

2. Pick Up

On arrival day, we’ll send a black car to pick you up at the curb (see our temporary pick up process at LAX). Check your phone for a text from us with instructions for meeting your driver or call us at 1-844-4-FLT-CAR (358-227). A FlightCar representative will greet you at our location with your rental car, ready to drive away!

3. Drop Off

Return your rental car to our location by the end of your rental period. We’ll have a black car drop you off curbside at your terminal of departure or another location within 10 minutes of our location.

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Everyone's Talking About Flightcar

Had a FANTASTIC experience - everyone was great, the process was great, and I actually got on the road in a good mood (coming off a red-eye and heading into Boston traffic).
Dana S. – Boston Renter
Hooked us up with GPS, toll free thingy...everyone was super cool, the car was cool, all was great!
Joy S. – SFO Renter
Love the rates; straightforward, no hidden fees. On a cold Boston night, the rental was running with the heat on waiting for me.
Jean D. – Boston Renter
Fast seamless experience - with ridiculous prices. Keep it up and I might sell my car and just rent from FlightCar.
Juan D. – LA Renter
This has been a perfect experience. How many times can you state this factually? But this rental experience was exactly that, perfect.
Greg M. – SFO Renter
Great concept, great service. Courteous, efficient and no waiting. Most impressive car rental service I have ever used.
Norman P. – SFO Renter