FlightCar Privacy Pledge

Effective Date: April 17, 2016

Archived Versions:

FlightCar’s mission is to help people share their cars with one another to create a communal traveling experience. Our services provide you with a fleet of different users’ cars at various destinations. Through FlightCar you can drive around local roads in a native car – as if you were borrowing a friend’s vehicle. As we build these services, we are committed to keeping your information safe and private and giving you choices as to how your information is used and shared. This is our privacy promise to you:

  1. We only collect data that is necessary to providing you with a safe and reliable car rental experience and that helps improve FlightCar’s services.
  2. We are transparent about our data practices and will explain them in clear language;
  3. We never sell, rent or trade any data that could identify you.
  4. We always take the security of your data seriously.

To learn more about the data we collect, how that data is used, and the ways it can be shared both by us and by you, please read our Privacy Policy below. Or, if you have any questions, contact us at privacy@FlightCar.com.

FlightCar Privacy Policy

FlightCar provides an online car sharing service that so that you can have a safe, easy, and communal driving experience while traveling to new destinations. This privacy policy applies to information we collect use and disclose from www.flightcar.com, over the phone, by text and by email (collectively the “Site”), and the FlightCar mobile applications for iPhone OS and Android OS (each an “App” and together the “Apps”). The Sites and Apps are collectively referred to in this privacy policy as the “FlightCar Service”.

Because we’re always looking for new and innovative ways to help provide you with the best car rental experience, this policy may change over time. If any modifications substantially change your rights under this policy, we will send you an email where possible, and always provide notice on the Site.

And remember, we’re here to help you! If something in this policy does not make sense or if you have any questions, please contact us.

  1. What Data FlightCar Collects
  2. How We Use Your Data
  3. What Data May Be Shared With Third Parties
  4. How Long We Save Your Data
  5. How To Edit or Modify Data
  6. How You Can Deactivate Your FlightCar Account
  7. FlightCar Policies For Children
  8. How You Can Opt-out Of Receiving FlightCar Emails
  9. How FlightCar Keeps My Data Safe
  10. How Does FlightCar Handle Data From International Visitors?

1. What Data FlightCar Collects

The FlightCar Service collects data when you visit our website, create an account on FlightCar, list or rent a car, and visit a FlighCar location. This policy explains what data is collected at each point, why we collect it and how it may be used and shared.

When you Create a FlightCar Account

When you create a FlightCar account, we ask for your name, email and home address, your age range and your phone number. This data, and any other data that is stored with this data or otherwise can be linked back to you is Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

By sharing your phone number with us, you agree we may text you messages related to providing the Services such as contacting you about your airport pick up or drop off. Standard text messaging rates apply to these messages.

You also have the option to create your FlightCar account using different credentials, such as your Facebook account. If you choose to do so, we will ask permission to access basic information from that account, like your name and friend list. You can stop sharing that information with us at any time by removing FlightCar’s access to that account.

When you Rent a Car

We collect information about when and where you are renting the car and what type of car you prefer so we can have the car ready and payment information to charge you for the rental.

When You List Your Car

We ask for certain information about your car to ensure your safety and your car’s safety, including license plate, mileage, and your vehicle identification number. We also ask for additional financial information so we can pay you when someone rents your car.

When We Create a FlightCar Profile

We will create a FlightCar Profile for you that will include your first name and the first initial of your last name, a profile photograph that you upload, and any other ancillary information about yourself and your car’s profile that you choose to include. The information you provide in your profile will be public. Public means that anyone on the Internet, not just FlightCar users, can view your posted information.

When You Contact Us

To answer your questions or help with coordinating your rental, you can send messages to FlightCar. Whenever you add this type of data, we collect it and store it with your other account information. We may use those communications to better understand how members use the marketplace as well as for security purposes. We are not obligated to review any communications or take any specific actions with respect to those communications.

When You Drop Off a FlightCar

When you drop off your vehicle, we take pictures of your car to create a record of the condition of the exterior. We also take pictures of any items or equipment you leave with us in the FlightCar facility. To be compliant with DMV requirements, we make a photocopy of your registration to leave in your car. Your name and address will be redacted from the registration; a copy must be kept in your car at all times during the rental.

When You Pick Up a Rental at FlightCar

We ask for your contact information if we do not already have it, your hotel reservation, should we need to contact you during your rental, and in some cases we collect a digital copy of your car insurance. If we have not yet collected your payment information, we will collect it at this point as well. Credit Card information is processed by our third-party payment processor.

When You Are On the Road:

The FlightCar App continuously collects your location data like GPS signals, device sensors, Wi-Fi access points, and cell tower IDs even when you are not using the App. We only transfer this information to FlightCar’s servers when you travel near an airport or when you go over a toll. We use this data to ensure all tolls are paid for, to coordinate your transportation at the airport, to understand how our users use the service, to improve and expand our offerings, and to provide you with services at other locations you visit. You can deactivate these features on your mobile device and FlightCar will no longer be able to collect this type of information.

When You Drop Off the FlightCar:

When you drop of the car, we ask you to fill out a questionnaire about your experience, car mileage, diagnostic data and other information.

When You Visit Our Site

FlightCar collects some data from everyone who visits our website— even if you don’t have a FlightCar account. Whenever you visit a Site and Application, our servers automatically collect industry standard log data that records information about your visit, such as your browser type, operating system, the URL of the page that you were visiting before you came to our Site, the different actions you performed on our Site, the pages of our Site that you visit, the time you spent on those pages, and the Internet Protocol address from the pages you visited. We use this type of information to analyze the use of the Site in order to constantly improve the functionality and to make sure the Site is working properly. We do not keep this log data as personal information or use it in association with other personal information.

We Use Cookies

We also use “cookies” to collect information about our users. A cookie is a small data file that we transfer to your computer's hard disk for record-keeping purposes. We may use cookies for two purposes. First, we utilize persistent cookies to save your login information for future usage of the Site. Second, we may utilize session ID cookies to enable certain features of the Site, to better understand how you interact with the Site and Application and to monitor aggregate usage. Unlike persistent cookies, session cookies are deleted from your computer when you log off from the Site and then close your browser. Third party advertisers on the Site and Application may also place or read cookies on your browser. You can instruct your browser, by changing its options, to stop accepting cookies or to prompt you before accepting a cookie from the websites you visit. If you do not accept cookies, however, you may not be able to use all portions of the Site or Application or all functionality of the Service.

Our Site and Application may contain electronic images known as Web beacons (sometimes called single-pixel gifs) and are used along with cookies to compile aggregated statistics to analyze how our Site is used and may be used in some of our emails to let us know which emails and links have been opened by recipients. This allows us to gauge the effectiveness of our communications and marketing.

2. How We Use Your Data

FlightCar uses your data to provide you with the best possible rental experience and to improve and protect FlightCar. Here are some examples:

  • Public data in your profile is used to share information about you and your car.
  • Contact information is used to send you account notifications, allow FlightCar to contact you before, during, and after your rental and to inform you about new features we think you would be interested in.
  • Your data is used for research to understand and improve FlightCar services.
  • Your location data is used to make sure that all tolls are paid for,to help coordinate pick-ups and drop-offs of your rental car at the airport, and to understand where people are using FlightCar so we can expand our services in different markets.
  • Logs and other data are used to troubleshoot FlightCar services; detect and protect against error, fraud or other criminal activity; and enforce the FlightCar Terms of Use.
  • Your insurance information may be used if an accident occurs.
  • De-identified data that cannot be linked back to you may be used to provide statistics about how people use FlightCar for marketing and promotional use; or for sale to interested audiences.

3. What Data May Be Shared With Third Parties

First and foremost: We don’t sell, trade or rent any data that could identify you, period.

We only share data about you when it is necessary to provide our services, when the data is de-identified or aggregated so it cannot be linked back to you, or when you direct us to share it.

Data That Could Identify You

Personally Identifiable Data is data that can be used on its own or with other information to identify you. We will only share PII data under the following circumstances:

  • With companies that are contractually engaged in providing us with services like order fulfillment, email management and credit card processing. These companies cannot use the data for any other purposes except to provide their service to FlightCar and are obligated by contract to safeguard any PII they receive from us.
  • We will share your information, if we believe, after due consideration, that doing so is reasonably necessary to comply with a law, regulation, or valid legal process (e.g., subpoenas or warrants served on us), or governmental or regulatory request. If we are going to release your data, we will do our best to provide you with notice in advance by email, unless we are prohibited by a court order from doing so or where the request or legal process is directly related to a regulatory investigation. In the latter case, we will ensure user information we disclosed is treated as confidential.
  • If it is necessary in connection with the sale, merger, bankruptcy, sale of assets or reorganization of our company, your PII can be sold or transferred as part of that transaction as permitted by law. The promises in this Privacy Policy will apply to your data as transferred to the new entity.

Data That Does Not Identify You (De-identified Data)

Aggregate data helps us improve our Site and Service for all of our users and helps us decide which new features to deploy. FlightCar may share or sell aggregated, de-identified data that does not identify you with partners, such as advertisers, partners, investors, and other relevant parties, to provide research or reports about user preferences. When we provide this information, we take legal and technical measures to ensure that the data does not identify you and cannot be associated back to you.

Data that You Direct Us to Share

You can direct us to share data with other parties. For example, you might authorize us to link your FlightCar account with a third-party app. Once you direct us to share your data with a third party, that data is governed by the third-party’s privacy policy. You can revoke your consent to share with the third party at any time in your FlightCar account or in your third party account settings.

5. How Long We Save Your Data

We store your PII indefinitely. We store your data for as long as

6. How To Edit or Modify Data

Any data that you provide to FlightCar through the Site can be modified from your account settings. If you remove data from your account, it will no longer appear to you or others who use the Service. Backups of that data will remain in association with your account and in our archive servers.

7. How You Can Deactivate Your FlightCar Account

You can deactivate your FlightCar account by contacting our customer support. When you do, data that can identify you will be removed from the Service, including but not limited to your email, name, photo(s), friends list and links to sites such as Facebook. Backup copies of this data will be retained on our servers, in order to resolve any claims that may arise following the rental. FlightCar may continue to use your de-identified data.

8. FlightCar Policies For Children

FlightCar is not directed at persons under the age of 13. We do not knowingly collect any PII from children under 13. If you are aware of a user under the age of 13 using FlightCar, please contact us immediately.

9. How You Can Opt-out Of Receiving FlightCar Emails

Absolutely! You can opt-out of receiving any marketing and promotional emails by contacting us at support@flightcar.com. Opting-out of these emails will not end transmission of important service-related emails that are necessary to your account maintenance.

10. How FlightCar Keeps My Data Safe

FlightCar has put in place a combination of technical and administrative security controls to protect your personal data when it is in our control. We encrypt all data in rest as well as in transit – for example, in the Amazon cloud server, in disk, and in app telemetry. If you have a security-related concern, please contact us.

We are not responsible for any unauthorized disclosure of personal or other information caused by any third party. Your account information is accessible online through the use of a password. To protect the confidentiality of PII, you must keep your password confidential and not disclose it to any other person. You are responsible for all uses of our web site by any person using your password. Please advise us immediately if you believe your password has been misused.

11. How Does FlightCar Handle Data From International Visitors?

FlightCar’s Services are hosted and operated entirely in the United States and are subject to United States law. Any personal information that you provide to FlightCar is being provided to FlightCar solely in the United States and will be hosted on United States servers. You consent to the transfer of your personal information to the United States. If you are accessing the FlightCar Services from outside the United States, please be advised that United States law may not offer the same privacy protections as the law of your jurisdiction.

If you have any questions, please contact us at:

support@flightcar.com or 1-844-4-FLTCAR.