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How FlightCar Works

FlightCar lets people parking at the airport rent their vehicles out to other approved traveling members. Every rental is insured up to $1 million, and every renter is pre-screened. Members get free parking, a car wash, and get paid if their car is rented out (see how much). Approved members renting a FlightCar get the lowest rental rates guaranteed, with free insurance, free extras and no fees. It’s free to join!

Everyone's Talking About Flightcar

Obsessed with @FlightCar – incredible idea, flawless execution & customer service (even on the busiest travel day of the year).
Ashley L. – SFO Car Owner
Love the rates; straightforward, no hidden fees. On a cold Boston night, the rental was running with the heat on waiting for me.
Jean D. – Boston Renter
Fast seamless experience - with ridiculous prices. Keep it up and I might sell my car and just rent from FlightCar.
Juan D. – LA Renter
I felt safer having the car rented than in a lot somewhere. I will suggest this service to all my friends from now on.
William C. – Boston Car Owner
Had a FANTASTIC experience - everyone was great, the process was great, and I actually got on the road in a good mood (coming off a red-eye and heading into Boston traffic).
Dana S. – Boston Renter
I can’t believe we parked our car for over a week for FREE and came back to a warm limo at the airport and a clean car ready to go. Really? An amazing experience.
Art V. – Boston Car Owner
Car was super clean and web experience was very easy. Free airport parking is a great deal and I was pleasantly surprised to get a $30 check.
Andy S. – SFO Car Owner